Van Did (Parquet / PFL / Inlab / Univack Records)

Van Did was still a teenager not a long time ago but he is already considered as one of the most talented electronic music producer in Canada. In 2011, after releasing more than 20 tracks on different labels around the world, he created his own label, Grrreat Recordings. At the same time he won the prestigious Euterke grant and was offered by the CIAC (International Centre of Contemporary Art of Montreal) the opportunity to represent Canada at the World Event Young Artist (WEYA) in the UK. Van Did has just completed is first European tour playing in Italy, France & UK. His next move was never the less, he released his first track on Traum Schallplatten.

Van Did studies music at Université de Montréal and invents rich sound atmospheres and landscapes full of life with sound recordings of real objects. He likes the « sound design » approach and he uses new techniques for signal processing, weaving new materials that give his music a unique texture and taste. His productions have an immersive dimension, diving into deep stereo images in constant evolution.

In a creative way he mixes bits and pieces of Break Beat, Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) and electroacoustics. Van Did composes a narrative and elaborated music that is also made for the dance-floor. It is sometimes repetitive and can induce an hypnotic effect. Details and nuances are each time more important and despite the repetition, his tracks are still progressive and invite to introspection.

Concerned about environmental issues, Van Did shows his commitment his themes and the names of his tracks. He is inspired by electronic artists such as Max Cooper and Extrawelt, but also by contemporary composers of minimalistic music like Steve Reich and Philippe Glass. Each tracks of his tells us a story and is, on its own, a unique adventure.

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