PEET (Traum / Stripped / Univack Records)

Peet (Peter Csaszar) is dj-ing since 17 years old learnt the profession step by step. First he played on teen parties between 5am and 10am and on beach parties and lounges in the daytime as well. After not too much time thanks to his insistent work he has got the opportunity to show his skills in the nighttime on regular parties. First he was the warm up of the best known hungarian djs at the legendary electronic club E-Play in Budapest. Then he met Peter Kersak (aka Snoopy) his future team and producing partner and then, after they funded the Eclectica formation they played at lots of parties peaktime. These times they imploded to hungarian top clubs like Pacha Budapest, Home, Palace, B52 just for name a few. Thanks for they romanian friend and promoter Bogdan Lica they toured round Romania those years and performed big parties there. The last few years Peet has taken the warming up for international star dj's like Satoshi Tomiie, Jim Rivers, Derek Howell, Martin Landsky, Hybrid, Dave Seaman and lots of others. As a producer he's still works with Peter Kersak as the other half of Eclectica (new album coming soon…) and of course he's making productions under his own name Peet.

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