Nato Medrado (Definition Records / Univack Records)

Nato Medrado 24 years old, musician and producer, has been drawing attention from all media for its versatility in the studio and on the dance floor. As a producer has in its favor creativity and good taste, the alignment technique developed courses through mixing, mastering, music lessons and guitar.

Their releases have reached icons of electronic music such as Carl Cox, who put the Brazilian in its latest Global Underground compilation 38. Another highlight is the producer of this track Superpowers "charted" by Roger Sanchez.

With a unique sound that goes from Techno to Progressive, its presentation is marred by guitar riffs, samples, synths and controllers that give a tone to his innovative music.

It has received constant media DJs and producers like Gui Boratto, Robert Babicz, Richie Hawtin, Mason, Funkagenda, Marlo, Flash Brothers, Andrea Martini, Dom Kane, Matt Masters, Anderson Noise, Hernan Cerbello, and others.

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