MUUI (Crossfrontier / Paranoid Dancer / Univack Records)

With his trajectory continually rising and his lust to cover new ground coupled with his fascination to experiment with technology both old and new his heavy focus on live performance has lead to a string of successful live shows, featured live mixes on sites like Electronic Beats and the recording of his first artist live album titled ‘Escape The Remedies.’ MUUI’s identity shines through right from the off working his hypnosis to ensure there is plenty to get lost in throughout the 90 minute live mix. The album will be released in January 2015 via the Berlin label Crossfrontier Audio with the official album launch is at Watergate, Berlin (14.01.2015)

MUUI explores all facets of techno under the name Patrik Carrera (@paranoiddancermusic) and as MUUI will continue his deep exploration into live possibilities and the familiar hypnotic, melodic territory synonymous with his early releases.

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