IOAN GAMBOA (Particles / Replug / Univack Records)

Ioan Gamboa is a Spanish electronic music producer who has settled his studio in Berlin, where he is absorbing, at first hand, the flowing energy of this rockin city.

While searching the way to improve his past productions, his creations got the supportof Hernan Cattaneo with a release on Sudbeat label: "Spiral EP", which was also honoured with a powerful remix by Cattaneo and Soundexile of the track that named the EP.

Since then, releases have came out in labels alike, near to the sounds and style hereally wants to achieve. These latest releases have been supported and charted by artists like Hernan Cattaneo (Sudbeat/Renaissance), John Digweed (Bedrock) Henry Saiz (Reinassance/Natura Sonoris) or Nick Warren (Hope records).

Along his musical journey, he has had the honor of having worked and remixed some of the big players on the electronic music scene such as Oliver Lieb, Damabiah, Jose Padilla, Ian O'donovan or the Swedish duo The Deer Tracks.

The live show done by Ioan Gamboa is all about breaking up his tracks to extract each one of its sounds to finally create a "live musical puzzle". His powerful live set, as well as his own productions, have led him to play all over the world in festivals like Sonar Festival (Barcelona) or Klubbers day (Madrid), and parties in Tokyo, Osaka, Madrid, UK or Argentina.

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