integral bread

Integral Bread (FutureForm / Lowbit / Univack)

Integral Bread does not follow the mass -he just makes them dance. The definition of his music depends on the listener. You can find techno, house, deep or progressive elements... all of them featuring the purest electronic essence. It is an eclectic style that makes sense, in a timeless harmony.

Elegant, powerful and exciting, Integral Bread's live set embraces a wide spectrum of musical styles, transmitting an emotional and evoking atmosphere that leaves nobody indifferent. He always goes for live performance, because he believes it to be the best way of artistic expression, and he uses exclusively his own compositions for his live sets.

During the last 12 years, Nacho Vicente has edited over fifty musical works, both with his former group and as a solo artist. His compositions can be found in vinyls, compilations or digital references. He has worked for different record labels, such as Univack, FutureForm, Lowbit, Indigo Records or Plusquam, among many others.

Integral Bread has also remixed other artists' works, like Henry Saiz, Guy J, DYNO, Sasha, Solee, David Granha, Egostereo, Juan Deminicis, etc. He is also manager for Univack Records, a label that has a wide cast of important producers. Univack Records has gained both respect and recognition among artists, media and public alike in the melodic techno and tech-house music circuit.

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