GRG (Flow Vinyl / Somebody´s Story / Univack Records)

New times and new places are always to come and to be conquered when you realize there’s a new DJ/Producer coming around with a strong name, with a strong sound. The year of 2012 was “life-changing” says GRG aka George Gomes. The 24 year old multi-talented producer and instrumentalist from the sands of Recife in Brazil and now based in London made his debut to the industry on a global scale with his driving, sometimes-melodic blend of techno and progressive house.

It all started back in 2006. Passion driven, the Brazilian came out of the shadows at a young age. Showed his skills at local parties, and became a resident at the world-famous Club Nox in Recife, where he showed his mastery behind the decks. Owners of the club reserved him a golden-ticket, for his ability to drive a crowd was natural. His presence was a must, from warming up for Armin van Buuren to playing along side Above & Beyond, Gui Boratto, Cedric Gervais and the list goes long.

Becoming a local hero as a DJ at his hometown opened new worlds, and new times came along. When music is a root, it is the core of your passion, and his essence was nearly to be found when music production transformed his priorities in search of a professional career.

George was quickly picked up by Vapour, and Cid Inc’s Replug label, striving a vast variety of DJs with tracks like “San Telmo” and his Top selling single “Stretch”, charted by many and shattered at numerous dance floors by the gods Sasha and Hernan Cattaneo.

Gaining respect and rising to an important position as a global collaborator to the underground electronic music scene and it’s culture, the young producer believes in pioneering a sound and an attitude to climb higher walls and meet higher goals.

Situated at a great distance of time and space, this voyage has only started.

This story goes on.

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