erich lesovsky

Erich Lesovsky (Parquet Recordings / Stil Von Talent / Univack Records)

There are only a few beams of lights from the super bright LEDs that illuminate his plain white mask, which erodes every sense of stardom. Next to his laptop and pad controller stands a glass filled with a green fluorescent substance, to which a sensitive piezo-microphone is attached, that is able to convert vibrations into sounds. Erich Lesovsky puts his finger into the glass and swirls it around transmitting this electric impulse into his laptop and, in form of sound, to the crowd. All of this is part of Erich Lesovsky’s live set-up and it is indicative of this producer’s constant search for the creative chaos of sound manipulation.

Born into in the middle of Germany, Erich’s voyage into sound starts at a very early age. At the age of 8 he first picks up a guitar and has since decided for himself that music will be the focal point of his life. A few years and a couple of punk and reggae bands later, he starts to produce electronic music at the beginning of the 1990s. In this time Erich produces mostly ambient electronic soundscapes using just an Atari, an Esoniq ASR-10 sampler and a Roland JD-800. Erich is one of those musical technicians who can remember the times when he had to reload floppy disks for his live set to continue. But even if technology has majorly advanced in recent years, Erich continues to strive for the odd sounds, the creative manipulation of tools and his very own signature style.

His studio is best described as a cluttered nerd workshop, where Erich takes apart children’s music toys, gets deep into the art of signal processing, builds his own synthesizers and essentially creates sounds out of everything that he can find or record outside. In recent years he has build a few of his own DIY instruments that include an Atari Punk Console in a Nintendo GameBoy case, a Minimum Theremin and many more whacky synthesizers. In this way he is a true voyager for inventive sounds while at the same time producing music that can work functionally on the dancefloor. With releases on labels such as Pentagonic, WBA, Keno and of course Stil vor Talent, Erich’s sound can hit the party at the very right moment, while still remaining an era of the uncanny and the mysterious. While trying to fit a genre to his music, techno is maybe the best fit, but his music and especially his live shows are more than that. Beneath the anonymity of his fitted mask, Erich Lesovsky magically puts together his own sound creations to a musical corpus that is based on a recurring groovy and bouncy loop.

When asked how he would best describe his unconventional approach to producing music, Erich says it’s essentially like putting together a big puzzle. First identifying all the right pieces and then trying to put them together in the right places to create something entirely unique. While using a laptop to combine and sequence his music into tracks, he believes that it’s easier to create chaos within an analog machine. And after all, it is in this chaos that Erich Lesovsky excels and that makes his music so exceptionally different. If sound was a house, then Erich Lesovsky would be both the builder and the architect. And he would also be the first one to have a house warming party inside.

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