DAWAD (IRM Records / Factor City / Univack Records)

daWad is one of those producers who have always been surrounded by music: he enjoyed a classical music education and played cello at the conservatory. daWad's passion for composing began in his early years with a noisy-pop band in which he acted as bassist, singer and songwriter.

In the 1990s daWad discovered his fascination for electronic music. Experimenting with hardware such as sampler, groovebox etc. allowed daWad to define new sounds through the use of computer technology in his home studio. He describes himself as a proper laboratory rat and he recently discovered the integration of classic musical instruments such as cello and violin into his music (listen to daWad's remix of Ryan Davis "The Wolve").

You can find his tracks on labels such as IRM Records, Factor City, Klangwelt, Manual...

As a dj, daWad defines himself as a versatil music dealer...

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