dave alna

Dave Alna (RotRaum / Minuendo / Univack Records)

Video producer, composer/ music producer & DJ, born in Madrid. His knowledge in Audio & Visual media enables him to combine both concepts into one, in a real way. His audiovisual education comes from two important spanish TV programmes from National Television, Miradas 2 & Informe Semanal. He worked there for seven years. He has also directed a couple of documentaries, some of them very successful for example Todos Cuentan 15M. He made and edited the postproduction of the awarded documentary Las Lagrimas de Michelle for TVE (Spanish National Television). Music Videos, Adverts and other audiovisual productions are part of his repertoire, for example Sinpatron. His songs have been played on every spanish TV channel, as have his spots and audiovisual productions, as in the film Propios y Extranos or the original soundtrack of Miradas 2 in TVE. During his career, He has produced 15 cds and has had a number one in the online store Juno, with his mix of Like a Robot by Integral Bread.

Until recently, Dave was director in a radio show from Madrid called Radiologica FM, presenting and directing the programme Control Central, with more than a ten thousand listeners. During the gay pride it reached 1.5 million listeners, being the live voice and music of the event.

His sets have been played in Argentina, Brasil, South Africa, United Kingdom, France and Spain for more than 15 years. His latest sets as DJ were in: Utopia and dba/one Coppelia (Madrid). Dave's style in the world of electronic music is renowned for a hint of electric mix with minimal, a powerful bass and analogical devices that make his live performances full of energy.

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