CUMIKS(Manual / Particles / Univack Records)

Cumiks is a Berlin-based electronic music duo consisting of Miki and Alex. In 2011 they recorded and released their first EP "El Final" on Dubmetrical, which met great success and was re-released on cutting edge UK label Renaissance. 2011 and 2012 saw Cumiks releases on Manual Music, Crossfrontier Audio and Eklektisch to name but a few.

The duo's creations are full of personality, elegantly combining groovy seductive house with progressive structures and allusive melodies. Despite their young age their sound accomplishes to connect with the listeners on a deeper level, adding something to their lives thats more than an electrifying club night which is no mean feat. Currently settled between Berlin and Copenhagen, they are giving shape to many projects, promising to keep challenging and intriguing your ears for years to come.

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