Anatomica (Mad Berlin / Univack Records)

Anatomica is the pseudonym chosen by Ana Molina to define staff musically concern emanating from this promising artist. Born in jaen (spain) resident in ibiza has been able to draw on the contrasts of the island to create their own sound and style. With a past as a dj and subsequent studies as sound tecnician, her creations are techno,melodic landscapes surround you and surprise you with clear touches of electronic made in ibiza.

Related to the music from a young age, her concerns are influenced by the sounds of the 80's and later by artists of progressive house scene as.. digweed, henry sainz, cora novoa o holden. Her passion for sound in all its aspects, is what led her to venture into other fields such as film and television. In 2006 collaborates with school/producer Zona6 (ibiza) where she works as sound technician rolling projects small and big screen, while facet of production combines dance floor for the composition of soundtracks for documentaries and arrengements for the 7th art.

Her continued learning and musical development led her in 2011 to take her first EP on the label Madberlin led by Ioan Gamboa, providing needed feminine touch to the label and becoming a key part of the label image. Work leading up to her presentation of radio 3 in the famous program XXI century.

Collaborated with the label Univack contributing a remix to Lucio Cnk, one of its leading artists. Her hard work and continuous productions have allowed her to present her first live set in electronic party Electronic Colors (Madrid) with an overwhelming success, and no doubt this his year 2013 brand embarking on the great adventure of releasing her first album. A cover letter very personal promise to provide the purest version, complete and mature of herself, in which not only find organic sounds and more worked, but great drops of pure feeling anatomica for use and enjoyment of her faithful followers

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